Mike Eaton wins RCMTC Points Round #2!!!
Round #2 of the 2016 RCMTC Points Series featured a new and exciting first for series. The monsters for the first time in 2016 will head outdoors to the big tracks which always turns up the heat for the points chapionship fight, however this time will be the first time the RCMTC raced on an outdoor turf surface. Outdoor turf tracks have been taking the offroad r/c world by storm and today the monsters had a challenging turning course on a very challenging and new racing surface. The turf was very comparable to carpet, which was a welcomed sight for RCMTC newcomer but already estalished monster truck racer Mike Eaton, who primarily races on carpet and brought his four awesome trucks to the RCMTC tour for the first time here at Round #2. Mike proved early that he would be a tough competitor. The three qualifying rounds leading up to the elimination bracket had great racing trhoughout. Dan and Grave Digger started the day off strong by winning the first qualifying round, the Digger was handling well on this track. Kyle's Executioner however proved to be the truck that would have to be knocked down, winning the final two qualifying brackets and winning the top qualifier spot for the elimination round. Derrick Algieri and Phil Henderson were also making strong runs throughout the day and the rest of the field were hot on their heels. Mike Eaton in his White Ken Block inspired racer was able to knock off Executioner in the semis and meet the current points leader Samson in the finals. The final race was tight right up to the end, where Mike was able to power past Kyle's Samson to grab his first ever RCMTC win. Congrats to Mike as he makes a statement that 2016 will be a fight to the finish. Enjoy pictures and videos from today's event!!!