Last updated: 6/6/18
CowRC has been the R/C Maintenance king since 2008 and have a variety awesome cleaner and work mat products out that will make maintaing your R/C vehicle easy! Head over to and check out their awesome motor cleaning products, truck cleaning products, special workmats and more!!
Even though 2013 has just begun, the Crawford Performance Engineering Terminator racing chassis has been racking up the wins left and right! Along with Kyle DeFalco's Maximum Destruction grabbing the win at RC Madness in January, CPE terminators have won the opening RCMTC-IL race along with the first 3 rounds of the RCMTC-MI series!! Join the winner's circle and check out all the awesome products CPE has to offer. Head over to

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We are halfway through the 2018 R/C Monster Truck Points Season and the cream is beginning to rise to the top as the battle for the Season Championship is taking shape. Kyle DeFalco's Executioner and Derrick Algieri's Storm Damage sit number one and number two after four rounds of racing, the first two being indoors on carpet followed by Rounds three and four on outside on the dirt. Executioner won Round two and four, Storm Damage took Round 3 and Kyle's Pure Adrenalin won Round #1. The two top drivers in the series have shown up yet again this season to emerge as the drivers to beat and to watch these two drivers battle it out against each other has become a staple on the RCMTC Tour. There's still time in these final two points races of the year for other drivers to step up and challenge. Currently Kevin Adair and Dan DeFalco also hold top 10 spots in the standings amongst the dominance of Kyle and Derrick's strong trucks.  Yeti, Nitemare, Grave Digger and Monster Patrol will be looking to rebound in Rounds five and six to try and make a last stand at the Championship. Also don't count out drivers just outside the top ten such as Chris Ciriello, Mike Mackezie and Ethan Saunders. With only two events left in the Points Season, all eyes will be on the these competitors to see who can take home the 2018 Championship.
The stage is set for the biggest and baddest RCMTC World Finals event we've ever had, the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the RCMTC World Finals will be on Sunday, September 2nd at Barnstormers R/C Raceway in Chester, NY. This year will have even more wild action than ever, as for the first time ever in RCMTC comepetition, MEGA TRUCK RACING will come to the world finals!!! A whole new racing class will race in between monster truck racing on their own special mega truck course and the racing will be awesome! full details on Mega Truck rules will be released in the coming weeks. The monsters will face a course like no other. This year's course is already designed and we anticipate the track to be one of our best we've ever done. This year's racing track features two of the most pominent racing courses from the real monster truck circuit combined with cues from many different RCMTC World Finals tracks ran in the past 10 years. The World Finals page (which can be found on the home page) will have all the information and will be also updated in the coming weeks. The 10th annual event, new trucks, surprise trucks ,new racing course, new freestyle obstacles, new racing class and JConcepts on hand for the event - you dont want to miss this one!!