Last updated: 9/24/17
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Even though 2013 has just begun, the Crawford Performance Engineering Terminator racing chassis has been racking up the wins left and right! Along with Kyle DeFalco's Maximum Destruction grabbing the win at RC Madness in January, CPE terminators have won the opening RCMTC-IL race along with the first 3 rounds of the RCMTC-MI series!! Join the winner's circle and check out all the awesome products CPE has to offer. Head over to

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The time is almost here, the 2017 R/C Monster Truck Challenge World Finals is right around the corner, and it's setting up to again raise the bar and be our best Worlds event ever for mulitple reasons. The RCMTC series is coming off it's most competitive year ever, with 5 different drivers winning the 6 Points Series events this year. The new talent that has been a part of the series this year will bring a huge prescence to the Finals in October. Going through the pits this year and tallking to the drivers about the anticipation of the RCMTC Worlds, you can tell the competition will be ramped up. Round 2 winner Kevin Adair says "Not only am I gonna be there, I'm going to win it!". Enthusiam such as Kevin's is echoed throughout the pits as they all want to take home the hardware at the biggest race o the year, definitely keep an eye on Yeti and Kevin's other awesome machines. Drivers like Pete Paquette, Rob Deriu and others  have new trucks and paint schemes debuting, drivers like Ron Perrault who is on the cusp of his first RCMTC win will be one to watch as well. Let's not forget the champ, Derrick Algieri's last Points Series Championship was in 2012, in that year he also backed up the Points Championship by winning the 2012 RCMTC World Finals Racing Championship. Can Derrick repeat that awesome feat? or will a driver from the outside come in and take the trophy much like Chad Buckland did last year. Not only will racing be intense, this is setting up to be the biggest competition year in freestyle as well. The buzz around the pits has also been the Freestyle title and who will take it. This year's freestyle track will have some new obstacles and a more uniform freestyle track, making the action a cant miss affair. We can't wait to get started as this year will be one you dont want to miss, stay tuned!
Among all the exciting news surround the 2017 RCMTC World Finals, was the return of the awesome Crossover track. This is not your typical "down and back" track, the crossover track will bring out the driver in each competitor and will promise to be the most exciting "big event" track you will see on the circuit. This year's version will show a perfected design, as this course has been used by the RCMTC several times and through the years we have found a winning comination. The main change with this track compared to the World Finals tracks of 2010 and 2011 will be the chicane, which this year crosses for the inside line to the outside line, instead of outside to inside. This year's track has an extra bit of awesome in it, specifially on the home stretch of the track. this section features CAMPERS, yes CAMPERS that the trucks will be racing over, leading into a large roller which will send the trucks skyward and adding a tough challenge to the track. Also all jumps will be wide for visibilty and speed. This track has it all : Big air, tight turns, fast turns, techinical driving, fast driving and awesome side by side action, everything a driver would want to put their truck through and a perfect platform to battle it out for a World Finals racing Chapmionship. Don't miss the action on this exciting track this year!
Derrick Algieri's Sudden Impact has won the 2017 RCMTC Points Series Championship after what has been the most competitive Points Series year we've ever  had.  Constitency won it for Derrick, ironically the Sudden Impact truck never won an event in the 6 event season. Where other competitors had bad events, Sudden Impact never had one. Derrick took home several podium finishes during the season and even though 3rd place runner and championship challenger Grave Digger knocked off Sudden Impact in the final race of the year, Derrick earned enough points to win the season chapionship and also took 2nd place with his Black Stallion truck. Congratulations to Derrick on an amazing perforance in 2017.