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             Points System Explained for 2019 Pro Mod Racing Season

There will be three qualifying points rounds, which ultimately set up the final elimination racing bracket to jointly determine the finishing order of the event. The finishing order is a combination of how each truck finishes both in the results of the qualifying rounds, along with the finishing in the final elimination bracket.

Qualifying Rounds
The qualifying rounds are generated from the Traxxas Race Day mobile app, which randomly creates a racing bracket including all trucks. A full elimination bracket is run using this bracket, and trucks accumulate points for each race they win or lose, as they advance through the bracket. 10 points reward each individual win, 5 points for a loss and 3 points for a DQ or DNF. After three of these qualifying brackets are generated at random and complete, the trucks all have points totals which set the qualifying order, from 1st to last.

Final Elimination Round
The final elimination round is looked at as the “A Main” of the event. The top 15 trucks make this bracket automatically, while the remainder of the trucks battle in a mini bracket or “B Main” for a position as the 16th truck in the final racing elimination bracket.
A final elimination bracket is set up based on the qualifying order, determined by the points total from 1st to last, which comes from the three qualifying rounds. The winner of the final elimination bracket is automatically the winner of the event. The second place truck is automatically the truck that loses in the final round of the final elimination bracket. From here, the rest of the finishing order is determined by both how far the truck got in the elimination final round, and how they finished during the points races. Out of the trucks that made the final four,  3rd and 4th are determined by which trucks finished higher in the points qualifying rounds. Out of the trucks that made the top 8 and were eliminated there, positions 5 through 8 are assigned by how the trucks ranked in the points qualifying rounds. And likewise, out of the trucks that made the top 16 and were eliminated there, positions 9 through 16 are assigned by how the trucks ranked in the points qualifying rounds.

Season Points
Since the event is designed around a 16 truck final elimination bracket as the “A Main”, or main event, the winner is automatically assigned 160 points. 2nd gets 150 points, 3rd gets 140 points all the way down the 16th, who receives 10 points. Truck finisher17th and down also receives 10 points regardless of finishing order in an attempt to keep the field even for those who have a bad race and don’t finish well. The combination of this points system takes in to account both a racer’s effort in qualifying points rounds and the final elimination bracket to combine in the overall finishing order for that event. Season totals accumulate from event to event and ultimately decide the points champion for the racing season.  Your lowest score or one event abscence will be dropped from your final tally via the Drop Rule.

Drop Rule
After for the final points tally of the season, the lowest scoring event finish will be dropped for each truck. This allows drivers that miss one race or have their lowest event finish erased from the final ponits standings. This is done to keep drivers in contention if they have to miss a race during the season.

Truck Name/Chassis Changes
A truck is only allowed to change names once during the season and have the points transferred over to a new name/new truck. If you are discontinuing a body and name and running a new name or truck, the driver is responsible for telling RCMTC officials which points you would like to transfer over to the new truck from the old truck for the remainder of the season. If duplicate names arise, special consideration would be given to a third name change. You may absoultely  not at any point change the body to another chassis during the event. If you are doing better with one truck, you are not allowed to swamp bodies on the trucks because that name is doing better in the points standings.