A wide angle shot of today's S-Course track .a look at the starting gateHigh Flying side by side start here with Grim Reaper and ClydesdaleRazin Kane vs Screw LooseBumble Beest leads Monster Mutt Dalmatian over the school busses on the middle stretch section of the trackBumble Beest flying high to the win!Eradicator and Carolina Crusher on the lineGrave Digger launching big against EradicatorDigger edging out Screw Loose at the finish!Higher Education gets the holeshot on USA-1Sudden Impact making a winning passRagin Steel vs Screw LooseHigher Education making a runRazin Kane and Vicor Bigfoot battle it out door to doorPhil Henderson cranks the Vicor Bigfoot down on the inside of the first turn, trying to hold off Derrick Algieri's Razin KaneGrave Digger and Buble Beest go sky high!!Digger takes on the school bussesDigger barely eeks out a winVicor Bigfoot vs Grave DiggerVicor Bigfoot and Sudden Impact drag it out to the first turnSudden Impact flying towards the finish Phil Henderson getting a little wild at the finish line with the Vicor Bigfoot!!! those CowRC signs in the background match pretty well!!Bumble Beest and Clydesdale head over the first jump side by sidestill door to door over the roller jumpthey stay side by side for a fantastic photo finish!!Higher Education vs Screw LooseEradicator over the bussesMike Byrnes debuted a brand new old school Carolina Crusher scheme today and launches it ahead of Eradicator off the startCrusader coming out of the last turn and heading for home!Sudden Impact cranks it down and tries to slide around the turning tire while Bumble Beest tries to keep the momentum around the outsideVicor Bigfoot negotiates the turnSudden Impact vs. Lucas Oil CrusaderPhil Henderson debuted the brand new Vicor Bigfoot this weekendUSA-1 vs Clydesdalewild finish!!!Firestone Bigfoot in the turnthe awesome Bumble Beest!Higher Education wins Round #2!!!
The month of May brought more favorable weather for Round #2 and for the first tie this season, the monsters of the RCMTC headed outdoors at the RC Madness racing facility in Enfield, CT for Round #2 of the 2015 RC Monster Truck Challenge Crawford Perforance Points Series. Round 1 set the stage early for one of the most competitive points seasons we've ever had and the competition got even better in round 2. The track was an awesome challenging S-course. The trucks would start side by side and start over two big jumps that would launch the trucks high in the air then go into a roller jump and into the first turn. Both trucks would make right hand turns and then head down the middle stretch and jump over a set of school busses and land to set up for the final left hand turn where the trucks would straighten up, hit a crush car set and fly across the finish line.

There was fantastic racing throughout the day. Bracket round #1 of the day saw Sudden Impact grabbing the win, Crusader taking round 2 and Grave Digger taking round 3. During the halfway interission break it was Digger with the weekend points lead. Phil Henderson and Mike Byrnes made their first start of 2015, with Phils Bumble Beest, Eradicator and all new Vicor Bigfoot making strong runs. The long island based Team Devil Spit returned with drivers Geroge Fabbiani and Rob Destefano as they were after more points in round 2 with USA-1, Clydesdale and a new second truck for Rob dubbed Screw Loose. Firestone Bigfoot came into today's race with the season points lead but struggled early on. At the end of the day, Higher Education emerged as the truck to beat, winning the final 3 bracket rounds of the day and grabbing the overall event win. The win for the big school bus catapaulted Dan from 4th to 2nd place in season points! the new points system is already making things interesting! Enjoy some pictures and video from todays event and stay tuned as we roll on to round #3!!