The monster trucks hit the dirt for the first time this season, dirt that woud eventually turn to mud and make for one of the most interesting events all year. Late developing heavy rains and storms were threatening throughout the day with the forecast going back and forth. By the time RCMTC officials completed the racing track, the forecast looked clear for the rest of the time on the track, that unfortunately did not last. Light rain lasted throughout qualifying Round #1, with the track getting more wet with each pass. The trucks were making strong passes on a course which features some tight corners leading into a side by side two jump drag to the finish. Following the first qualifying round, RCMTC officials and drivers got together and based on the forecast agreed that the next two qualifying rounds would be cancelled, and we would go straight to the Round 3 final elimination bracket. By the time the first round was over, the track turned to mud, the trucks were slinging mud all over the place as the rain intensity picked up. This didn't stop Derrick Algieri, driving his new Thundertech King Krunch. Derrick was on a mission all race long and would meet with Kyle's Snake Bite in the finals. Derrick was able to grab the win, notching his first victory of 2016 and making his case for the 2016 championship. This year has already proven to be extremely competitive. We've had three races, three different racing surfaces, three different drivers winning and three different chassis manufacturers taking the win. Who will take round #4? We can only wait and find out as the excitement of the 2016 Points Series is here in full force. Congratulations to the Algieri racing team on the win, enjoy some pictures from today's race!!