Stomper ready to rock!The king of the monster trucks BIGFOOT! ready for battle. This year is Bigfoot's 40th anniversary, and we hear the Bigfoot name will be coming back in several forms on the RCMTC circuit this year. What better way to start then with Phil Henderson's rendition of the originial monster truck!The hearbeat of America, USA-1 ready for racing action!straight drag track setupGun Slinger vs. Lon Rangerthe finish line camera captures a close finish!the skinny Awesome Kong!!
With the R/C Monster Truck racing scene growing rapidly in the last several years, with it came the birth of the retro class. The class first got its start in Ohio with the NR/CTPA and was an automatic magnet to all old school monster truck fans. The fans that grew up with these trucks could now model them and race them! The retro class started to spread the RCMTC started it's own retro division several years ago, the RCMTC Retro Renegades!! The Renegades have been featured as an exhibition racing class during pro-mod racing intermission at the last several Winter Wars events and the class was quickly growing in popularity among the RCMTC drivers. It eventually grew to a point where the RCMTC decided to finally have a stand alone event just for the retro trucks, The RCMTC Retro Renegades BATTLE OF THE MONSTER TRUCKS!!!

The Retro Renegades would to battle on three different course formats, straight line TNT style drag racing, turning course and obstacle turning course with pulling sleds. The action was a blast all day long and we saw some great racing. At the end of the day it was Abdul Rascoe driving Texas Toy gathering the most accumulated points from all racing competitions and grabbing the overall win. The Retro Trucks will return however to battle it out yet again, as Battle of the Monster Trucks 2 will return to RC Madness on February 28th!! Enjoy the pictures and video coverage!!!