USA-1 and Awesome kong are airbone and side by side coming to the finish of the closest figure 8 race of the day. It was the skinny chevy Awesome Kong just barely edging out the heartbeat of America USA-1 at the fninsh line for the win.Frankenstein leads over the first jump of the figure 8 with USA-1 hot on his tail!!Grave Digger and Bigfoot side by side!!Bigfoot pops a big wheelie over the cars!Stomper charges through the mud pit!!
The awesome Retro Trucks of the RCMTC Retro Renegades class returned to RC Madness on February 28th for another awesome day of side by side retro monster truck action. It's the RCMTC Retro Renegades Battle of the Monster Trucks 2!!!! and the competition was a blast all day long. The highlights of today's event consisted of figure-8 racing which was made famous at the Louisville Motor Speedway in the late 80's and early 90's on the TNT monster truck racing circuit. The Figure 8 racing was a huge hit, providing close finishes and awesome side by side racing action. It was Awesome Kong that dominated this portion of the event, winning both racing brackets and grabbing an early lead. The second portion of the competition switched to a side by side straight drag, full of several challening crush car jumps and ending with a side by side mud pit to the finish line. The straight line track produced plenty of side by side wheels up action, where Texas Toy was able to rally back and catch Awesome Kong and win the second retro event of the year! Check out some awesome pictures and video coverage from today's event.