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*Dates are official when an event page link is posted, the dates displayed below are dates we would like to have the races, an official call will be made pending the availability of the venue, some dates may be added or subject to change*
February 3rd   2019 POINTS SERIES R1/RETRO RENEGADES      T&T Hobbies

March 16th           POINTS SERIES ROUND 2/RETRO RENEGADES   RC Madness

April 2019                           RCMTC POINTS SERIES ROUND 3                RC Madness

May 2019                              RCMTC POINTS SERIES ROUND 4                RC Madness

June 2019              RCMTC POINTS SERIS ROUND  5              RC Madness

July 2019                             RCMTC POINTS SERIES ROUND 6              RC Madness

July 29th                           RCMTC POINTS SERIS FINALE              RC Madness

September  2019                   2019 RCMTC WORLD FINALS      Barnstormers RC