Thank you to 2011 World Finals Sponsor Crawford Performance EngineeringThank you to 2011 World Finals Spoonsor CowRCGrave Digger and Maximum Destruction ready for actionPeter Spragg debuted the brand new awesome looking BACKDRAFT monster truck at the finals this yearDonnell Roye returns with a newly redesigned Five-O and the new Blue ThunderDonnell's third entry, Bigfoot Bad BoyPeter Poniatowski's new Godzilla truckRambunctious is back for redemption this yearThe CPE Sudden Impact Racing AMSOIL Shock TherapyGrave Digger Retro truckTaurus Retro truckBigfoot retro truckGodzilla up over the table top as Shock Therapy gets ready to cross underShock Therapy over the big jump!monster mutt fying over the crush cars!Hot Wheels and Buckaroo are side by side in the first turnIron Outlaw vs. Blue ThunderBackdraft launches ahead of Wolverine!Monster Patrol about to land on the table top, Bigfoot Bad Boy gives chaseBigfoot Bad Boy trying to play catch upKiss Destroyer vs. RaptorGrave Digger leading Southern ComfortMonster Mutt vs. Hot WheelsMonster Patrol cranks it down to the inside while Iron Outlaw holds strong in the outside laneCrossover action!It may not look like it from this angle, but it's Shock Therapy who is control of this race. Driver Greg Noonan tries to get Monster Mutt over the crossover as quick as he can and beat Dan and the Shock Therpay to the last corner. Amsoil grabs the win this time!Hot Wheels nose up over the crossover jump!Rambunctious tries to make a fast inside corner to catch up to Hot Wheels and get ready for the second lap of the race.Rambunctious grabs some big air over the crossover jump. Driver Pete Poniatowski struggled early with the crossover section, but by the end of the day got it down and the Rambunctious, Southern Comfort and Godzilla trucks were tough to beat.Peter Spragg negotiates Hot Wheels around the inside lane after crossing under the big jump.Equalizer flying high! you'll always see big air racing like this at the world finals and any RCMTC event!!Equalizer ends a bye run with a tail dragging wheelieIron Outlaw vs. Digger 2Air Force Afterbruner flies across the finish line while Rambunctious Powerslides wildly trying to catch up.Wolverine vs. EqualizerBuckaroo on the inside, Iron Outlaw high wide and handsome on the outsideMaximum Destruction lays down a fast runDestroyer and Xtreme-RC  off the lineKiss Destroyer across the finish line. One of the few twin forces on the circuit and another awesome looking paint job from Spragg MotorsportsCrossover at ground level, Godzilla vs. Bounty HunterBounty Hunter way out of shape over the crossover, Greg fights for controlduring racing intermission, the Grave Digger and Bigfoot retro trucks came out and put on a retro car crush!retro Grave Digger shows us how an old school sky wheelie is doneCharlie Buckland brought out the retro Bigfoot to put on a showAirforce pulls off a close win over Bounty HunterFive-O on two wheels!!Raptor launches off the tire jump in freestyleGreg Noonan and Iron Outlaw love grabbing big air at the world finals freestyle competition!Iron Outlaw over the school bus jumpWolverine has a turn at the bussesPete Poniatowski had a strong run with Southern Comfort that ended in the right front tire falling off!Peter Spragg gets wild with Hot WheelsHot Wheels grabbing big air off the camper jumpEqualizer clears the dump truck stack with big airEqualizer's run ended when the truck flipped over backwards and landed on it's roof on to of the bus pitAir Force Afterburner gets a huge launch off the containersMonster Mutt put on a strong freestyle run as Greg cross cuts the camperBounty Hunter going big!Rambuctious was the only truck in the field to fill the run without using the rollover rule and put on an awesome freestyle in the process. After this great run, Rambuctious is the 2011 RC Monster Truck Challenge Freestyle Champion!CowRC and CPE raffle winners!! Thank you sponsors for all your great contributionsMonster Patrol brings home 3rd place after tieing for second and getting 3rd on a tie breakerPete Poniatowski brings home 2nd place in racing with Southern Comfort and the 1st place in freestyle with RambunctiousKyle DeFalco with the Air Force Afterburner was again the strongest truck in the field and for the 5th year in a row is the RC Monster Truck Challenge World Finals Racing ChampionThanks for checking out our 2011 RC Monster Truck Challenge World Finals coverage. Thanks to sponsors and drivers and everyone who was a part of this awesome event this year!! We can wait to come back in 2012!!
Thanks for checking out the 2011 World Finals coverage and thanks for being with us for another great racing year. We can't wait to come back bigger and better in 2012, and we can tell you things are already promising to make next year one of the best yet!!

October 23rd, 2011 -The R/C Monster Truck Challenge World Finals returned on October 23rd at Barnstormers RC Raceway in Chester NY for the biggest and baddest race of the year.  27 monster trucks were on hand to do battle for the 2011 World Finals racing and freestyle championships and the action was second to none. The awesome crossover track that was such a huge hit last year returned this year with a little modification and improvement. This year to start out the trucks would hit one crush car set instead of two, hang a left turn (one on the inside on on the outside) and then the inside truck would head for the big crossover ramp and fly over it. The other truck charges down the small strech and then negotiates a tight left and right chicane under the crossover jump and into a roller and moves to the inside line. The trucks than repeat the same lap on the opposite lane they were in previously.

The racing rounds today were very competitive, as all the drivers got better each pass they made. Pete Poniatowski was smooth all day in one of his best racing performances so far.  His Godzilla, Rambunctious and Southern Comfort trucks were among the trucks to beat in today's field. Dan DeFalco had strong racing runs throughout the day with Grave Digger, Shock Therapy and Monster Patrol, with Monster Patrol and Grave Digger taking round wins. The entire 24 truck pro mod racing classs also saw great runs from Peter Spragg, Greg Noonan and the Buckland team. Peter Spragg debuting the brand new Backdraft truck was the talk of the event with an awesome new custom made body and even though struggled at times over the crossover, was still smooth and strong in racing. Througout all the racing rounds today just like the previous 4 years, the Air Force Afterburner of Kyle DeFalco was the class of the field. Afterburner pulled off most of the round wins and consistently finished strong and would give him his 5th World Finals Racing title in a row and the 2011 RC Monster Truck Challenge Points Series Championship.

Freestyle again this year was some of the best the Barnstormers track has ever seen. All trucks competiting put on amazing runs with big air, great saves and awesome moves. Trucks like Raptor, Monster Patrol, Equalizer and Hot Wheels all laid down solid runs early to set the bar. Donnell Roye of Philly provided us with a major wow factor after pulling off the night's only backflip! Buckaroo and Shock Therapy followed with strong runs as well, while Greg Noonan pulled off an awesome big air assault with Iron Outlaw and Bounty Hunter. Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction closed out the event, with Digger on his way to an awesome run until Dan experienced a hard nose dive and almost saved the truck but rolled to end the run. Kyle DeFalco was having a strong run with Maximum Destruction until the right rear knuckled broke, which left Max-D crippled. Kyle continued to beat on the truck, flooring it left and right to try and get the truck to soldier on, ending the event in a huge dirt cloud to the delight of the crowd!   Freestyle tonight though belonged to Pete Poniatowski and Rambunctious. Going back to last year's World Finals saw Rambunctious putting on an awesome freestyle run which featured two back flips, ultimately coming in 2nd place to Big Red after a tie breaker. Pete was out for redemption this year and went on to deliever an insane freestyle which consited of big air, awesome one wheel slap wheelies and a big save off a huge nose dive. Rambunctious was also the only truck not to flip over during the freestyle run until the end, which avoids using a 3 pont penalty for flipping the truck back over if it rolled during the middle of the run. Pete was able to grab the 2011 World Finals freestyle championship and was very well deserved!

Congrats goes out to our 2011 Champions Kyle DeFalco and Pete Poniatowski on a job well done! Enjoy the rest of our coverage and check out all the great pictures we have as well as our highlight video at the bottom of the page!!