8:00 AM - Track opens/ At Track Registration Open
Drivers can register with RCMTC, pay registration fees, inspect trucks and display them on track. There is no on track pre-race practice permitted.
10:00AM: Event Opening Ceremonies
All trucks on the track for concourse pictures

10:10AM: RCMTC WF Qualifying Rounds
  World Finals Qualifying rounds will begin 3 rounds are planned.

- RCMTC Mega Truck Qualifying & Racing
Mega Truck qualifying will be followed by elimination bracket racing. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. *Scroll down for Mega Truck Rules*

*intermission break*

- RC Monster Truck Challenge World Finals Shootout
  RCMTC World Finals Shootout will be an elimination bracket with the winner grabbing the 32nd spot into the main racket for the World Finals Racing Championship. Shootout winner receives trophy.

- RC Monster Truck Challenge Wold Finals Championship Elimination Round
  RCMTC World Finals championship bracket will begin to determine champion, details further down on this page

- RC Monster Truck Challenge Wold Finals third place race
  Race held to determine the third place trophy spot on the podium

- RC Monster Truck Challenge Wold Finals - Championship Race
  Race held to determine the racing champion of the   RCMTC World Finals

- RC Monster Truck Challenge Freestyle
  Drivers will be given 1:30 min. per freestyle run. Each driver is allowed one flip over during the run, the second flip would end the run. If the driver uses his one flip over, a point from each of the 3 judges will be deducted (3 points total) Highest score wins the freestyle championship

- Awards
  Prizes and trophies



The 2018 RCMTC World Finals racing championship is like no other!! It takes a skilled driver, tough truck and strong runs to get to the world finals championship racing round. Here's how the racing format looks!
On normal race days we run several rounds of brackets. As you go on through the day, you earn points for every race (10 for winning, 5 for losing, 3 for DQ). At the end of the day the points you've accumulated through all the brackets would be added up and that would be your finishing order for the entire event. THIS TIME just for the World Finals, these rounds will be QUALIFYING ROUNDS and there will be 3 or 4 of them depending on the number of truck entries. These qualifying rounds will be run the same way with the same points system.

Now back to the qualifying rounds. Why are they called qualifying rounds? because the points you earn during these opening rounds will determine where you START for the last bracket of the day..the one and all bracket that will crown a world finals racing champion...
For the first time at the RCMTC World Finals, it will come down to one final bracket, one WINNER TAKE ALL bracket to determine the 2014 RC Monster Truck Challenge World Finals Racing CHAMPION!!

*The driver that gains the most points from the qualifying rounds will be the number 1 seed in the bracket and will win the TOP QUALIFIER TROPHY!! along with some prizes provided by our awesome sponsors CowRC and CPE*

As stated before, the accumlation of your points from the previous qualifying rounds will determine where you seed on the championship bracket. From there on out, it's one championship bracket, winner moves on to decide the world finals championship. We will work our way to the final 4 trucks, there will first be a race for third place to determine the third place trophy spot on the podium, followed by the champoinship FINALS to determine our RCMTC World Finals Racing CHAMPION!

We're really excited about this awesome format as it will create awesome racing and new opportunites for the entire field. If you have a slow day on the points and get behind, yes you'll be in the bottom half of the bracket for the championship round, but once you get to that winner takes all round, it all resets and every truck in the field has the chance to advance through the bracket and compete for the racing championship. It will also be the same amount of track time we would have with the old points format. This will also create much more excitement and anticipation for the last racing round of the day, the winner will take all!! It's going to be completely awesome out on the track and we can't wait to get it going. Speaking of the track, take a look at what it will look like below!

After the Qualifying rounds have concluded the World Finals Championship bracket will be organized into the top 32 trucks, with the 32nd spot left open. The remaining trucks in the field will be organized into their own bracket and will run in the RCMTC World Finals Shootout. The winner of the Shootout bracket will earn the 32nd spot in the RCMTC World Finals Championship Round and will win the Shootout Trophy.
The newest competition of 2018 is the RCMTC Mega Truck racing class. Mega Truck competition will take part on the Mega Truck portion of the racing course. Qualifying will roll into elimination bracket racing. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Mega Truck Class. 
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The 10th annual R/C Monster Truck Challenge World Finals will feature a new, never before used racing track design, and it's big!!! This track is what we like to refer to as a mix between the Monster Jam Las Vegas World Finals track and the Charlotte, NC Back to School Monster Truck Bash Crossover track. The monsters will start Vegas style behind the stage, come flying down thunder alley and into the sweeping turn...but the turn is where it starts to get interesting..The first turn is where you will find the awesome and challenging crossover section!! one truck goes under through the chicane, the other flies right up and over the top! The drivers will have to get their trucks straight and over the big roller jumps, but it's not over there. After the jumps, the trucks will turn away from each other, pick up speed down the back stretch and hit the crossover once more, then race for the finish line. This track is sure to provide some epic racing action and we can't wait to see it all happen live!!